what we do

our core Values:


breaking economic and social borders between isolated youth communities


instilling values of community engagement in local youth


our process:

Fundraising: Tag Sales

33Birds uses an innovative source of fundraising: charity tag sales. Our tag sales are student-led and student-run endeavors that involve the entire community and offer students an opportunity to experience first-hand advocacy through individual volunteering and fundraising. 

By using bargain pricing, we are also able to help our hundreds of buyers receive the goods and necessities they need at a fraction of the cost.

BEnefiting: Summer Camps

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We use our fundraisers to send socioeconomically disadvantaged students to summer camp. Our hand-picked summer camps serve as a transformational experience, offering campers an opportunity to eat, play, and growth in a fun and healthy environment.

We started the organization to address child hunger in the summer - as the camp offered healthy, organic meals to many campers who depended on free school meals during the school year - but soon realized the numerous additional impacts. For one, campers grow more comfortable interacting with children from different racial and economic backgrounds, fostering an attitude of friendship and interaction.  Summer camps are spaces for finding common ground, forming bonds, and performing meaningful service.

“I love Wagon Road and I would like to go again... the best seven weeks of my life!”
— De Juan

Sustainability Commitment:


Professor Jeffrey Sachs advised us to align our mission with the Sustainable Development Goals to maximize our impact. 33Birds is centered on two SDG's:

Goal #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Goal #12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Our tag sales enable sustainable consumption procedures (by reusing goods and reducing unnecessary production) and our support of summer camps builds sustainable, inclusive communities (by fostering friendships and redefining community boundaries). 


our Accomplishments:

We have raised over $60,000 and impacted the lives of over 150 youth. 

On behalf of Children’s Aid, we would like to acknowledge and thank you for your efforts... Your work made a meaningful difference in the lives of children from the Edwards Williams School in Mt. Vernon, New York. You helped provide an opportunity for children to explore their passions and create memories that last a lifetime.
— Vince Canziani, Wagon Road Camp Director
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